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Accessories | Kuretake Japan Glue Pen

Accessories | Kuretake Japan Glue Pen

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Content : Water-based glue

Shell Material : Plastic

The glue will appear blue when first applied and gradually turn clear when drying. It can also be used for your other DIY projects such as crafting greeting cards, gluing envelopes, making posters.

2 ways of adhesive :

1. Gluing when the glue is blue will result in permanent pasting.

2. If you wait a bit after application, the glue will turn into a clear colour. It will turn into a temporary adhesive state, similar to sticky notes. It is suitable for pasting photos like scrapbooking, or crafting pieces while temporarily sticking them to the cutting mat. They can be torn off at any time without leaving a trace.


Approx Length : 125 - 143mm

The image is a reference. It may be slightly different from the actual product.

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